Typlet is a touch screen projecter, allowing natural interaction with any display, in every location.

At the forefront of tactile technology, our touch screen projectors allow portable home and enterprise solutions that enhance workplace efficiency and allow organic, natural interaction with devices.

Plug-in and go. Typlet allows you to draw, type, swipe, manipulate and control any media — beamed onto tables, walls and flat surfaces.

How it works.

Movie fan, student, or business professional — Typlet has something for everyone.

At Home

Our touch screen projectors work with your usual devices without lengthly setup — allowing you to enjoy the big screen from the comfort of your home.

At Work

Avoid time-wasting with hard-drives, laptops and cables during presentations — Typlet enables efficient collaboration in the office and the boardroom.

For Everyone

Typlet is for everyone. It's built and designed for humans, making sure interaction with our devices feels natural, fluid and intuitive.

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